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Are you looking for a fresh pair of eyes for your poetry or prose manuscript?

Let me help you achieve your vision for your poetry collection, memoir, or novel!

I have done manuscript consulting, copyediting, and proofreading for many authors over the years, including Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, Jack McCarthy, Derrick Brown, and Anis Mojgani, and I look forward to working with you!

If you are interested in talking about your manuscript and what services and advice I can offer, contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

Example Services

  • Help poets discover the underlying theme or narrative progression to their manuscript and then select and/or arrange the poems to best reflect that theme. 
  • Help authors gain consistency in their fiction in areas such as characterization, voice, tense, perspective, style, and narrative arc. 
  • Perform a close reading of individual poems for style and consistency, including flagging confusing or unclear lines/imagery. 
  • Provide copyediting and a reader’s perspective on poetic choices such as line breaks, formatting, word choice, and style. 
  • Provide cleanup and final proofreading services, including punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors (while respecting the idiosyncrasies of the poet).

Rates and Products

I charge an hourly rate for my services. A typical 50-150 page poetry manuscript can require anywhere from 10 to 20 hours of work, and at the end of the review I provide a detailed 5-15 page report with my feedback.

The author always guides my work, and I focus on the areas where they feel the manuscript needs the most attention.

In addition, I can provide feedback in a variety of other formats, including directly in the manuscript, through embedded notes, via track changes, and/or through an electronically marked up PDF (using standard proofreader marks).

Current Hourly Rate:

$40 US / $50 CAD

Let's talk about your manuscript!

Drop me a line for a free consultation, and to talk about what services and advice I can offer!

Client Testimonials

I am so grateful for Wess Mongo Jolley! The poetry books he has edited for me have gone on to win awards! The book proposal he edited for me landed me in a bidding war with nine publishing houses — before I signed a contract with a major publishing house! And the nonfiction book he edited for me went on to spend three months on the New York Times bestseller list! Could I have achieved any of this without his keen eye, his razor-sharp editing skills, and his radiant support of my ultimate vision? Maybe, but Lord knows I wouldn’t want to risk it! I am not kidding when I say when I finish a rough draft of literally any major writing project, Wess Mongo Jolley is always my first call!

Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz

Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz

New York Times bestselling author and poet

Wess Mongo Jolley is the most thorough and thoughtful editor I have ever worked with. Our press looks more professional, and I have heard from overjoyed authors who were impressed with his keen eye and his clarity on changes. We use him for proofing and editing whenever his schedule opens up every season.

Derrick Brown

Derrick Brown

President, Write Bloody Publishing

Wess Mongo Jolley truly brought my book to life! His edits were insightful and precise, and he stayed true to my original vision. You will not find a better manuscript editor, period. My book would not exist without his expertise!

Jessica Lohafer

Jessica Lohafer

Editor, Allow the Light: The Lost Poems of Jack McCarthy

It is a real pleasure working with Wess Mongo Jolley. He provides prompt, tidy, thorough edits that even the most perfectionist writers fail to notice! All the while maintaining an open mind, with suggestions over instruction where necessary. Mongo asks questions about the work as a whole in order to inform his editing process, and is interested in learning new international colloquialisms! I feel like I got to know Wess personally while working with him, and that he really became invested in the book, keeping in touch long after the edits – even joining us for our book launch! I’ll definitely be working with him again.

Fern Beattie

Fern Beattie

Editor and Founder, Write Bloody UK

Wess Mongo Jolley is the very best! He is so much more than an editor, he’s also a wise word wizard! It is joyful to work with him. He is a thoughtful, intelligent, kind, deeply intuitive, and sensitive guide who brings out the best in everyone he works with. I’m pretty sure that Wess Mongo Jolley is magic!

Kristin Hanggi

Kristin Hanggi

Author; God, Sex, and Musical Theater

Wess Mongo Jolley is an incredible human being and a pure delight to work with! I came to him feeling insecure and terrified but at the end of my project, I was transformed. His encouragement, sincere feedback, and exceptional edits restored my confidence that my story has a place in this world. Working with Mongo will get you the editing expertise that you need, but it’s his gift of seeing beyond the words that sets him apart from others.

Trish Leichty

Trish Leichty

Author, Brave Naked Truth - An Uncovering of Radical Love

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